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Find the Missing Piece to Make Your Health Whole.
  • Are you overwhelmed by your health issues?

  • Are you tired of just managing or suppressing your symptoms and would like them to actually go away?

  • Has your doctor run out of treatment options?

  • Are you currently in good health and looking to catch any brewing issues before they become diagnosable problems?

You have more influence on your health than you might think you do. You have the power to control your own wellness through your lifestyle choices. I will help you identify what your unique body needs to maximize, minimize and prioritize to restore and maintain optimal health. I will work with you at your own pace to make sustained diet and lifestyle changes that help you maintain your new level of health.

Diagnoses are simply a name for a collection of symptoms. Symptoms are you body’s call for help. When we don’t feel good, it is because our body is asking us to change something.

What are your missing pieces to optimal health?


I see you as a unique individual, not a diagnosis. I use a functional medicine approach to find what is causing or driving the “dis-ease” or discomfort in your body. There are no cookie-cutter remedies. You will receive a personalized action plan and support.


Schedule your consultation today and let’s see how I can help you.


I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in February of 2004.  It would be another 13 years of constant weight gain, medications and hospitalizations . In 2016 I met Jody Tabura, my life was forever changed. Jody taught me label reading, carb management,  the importance of supplementation, meal planning and most importantly that I could eat to live and live to eat. Today 3 years later I have achieved being at my healthiest weight, I have my life back. Jody helped me rid myself of over 30 daily medications. Jody gave me the tools to conquer my fears of nutrition and taught me my solutions for wellness.     Sherrie H-Vacaville

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