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Individual Coaching 


Free 20-Minute Discovery Call

Let’s talk about your current health challenges and goals. I would love to learn about you and see if we are a good fit.

Please Note: Your CREDIT CARD WILL NOT be charged now: It's required to hold your appointment in case of a "no show". It will only be charged ($40) if you fail to pick up for your scheduled appointment time. If you need to reschedule your call for any reason let me know as soon as possible.

Initial Consult/ Health History and Symptom Review

What are the possible root causes of your symptoms or diagnosis? What can you do now to improve your health and reduce your chances of chronic illness? Let’s meet to discuss your unique situation and the steps needed to improve your health.

I will send intake forms for you to complete and return to me (72 hours) before your initial appointment. I also need you to provide me with your lab test results for the past 2 years. I will review your information thoroughly so that I “know you” on paper even before your first appointment. During your initial consult, I will review the findings of my assessment from the information you provided. You will receive personalized food, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations based on your health goals and desired pace of achieving those goals. We will also decide on any additional testing that may be beneficial. Together, we will determine the right path to achieve your unique health goals. You can decide, at this time, if you wish to continue working together. 

4 Month Coaching Package

This package provides you with:

4 one-hour coaching sessions: We will meet once a month for 4 months. These sessions are a time to assess your progress toward your wellness goals, discuss any obstacles you are facing, and review any current lab or functional medicine testing results. We will update your personalized diet, supplement and lifestyle plan, and decide on the next steps in your path to wellness.

Email / Instant Message support between sessions

Educational Materials

Access to the Practice Better App for:

  • Instant Messaging

  • Food Journaling

  • Goal Tracking

  • Labs / Document uploads

  • Accountability

*Initial Consultation is required prior to purchase of a coaching package.

*Does NOT include cost of any functional medicine testing or supplements that are agreed upon as part of your plan.

*These programs are customizable according to your needs and schedule.

*Please note that working to solve multiple diagnosis or more chronic health issues may take longer. 30 and 60-minute follow-up sessions are available to purchase after initial package of sessions is complete. This is a great opportunity to “check-in” and fine tune any issues that arise. Contact me to request a follow-up session.



Comprehensive Assessments

Before our first appointment, you will receive health assessment forms to answer targeted questions about your symptoms, diet, lifestyle and goals. These initial intake forms must be completed and returned to me 72 hours before our scheduled appointment to allow time for a thorough assessment. This will help me in creating personalized solutions for you. I can also assess any current lab values that you can provide. These provide key pieces to the puzzle in finding the “root cause” of your health issues, or identifying imbalances before they become problematic. Additional, specialized testing may be necessary to understand the source of your symptoms and what interventions are right for you.

Quality Time Together

No more waiting and waiting for a rushed appointment that leaves you frustrated and with more questions than answers. Our one-on-one meetings will be a time for us to celebrate your improvements, address any struggles you are experiencing, set diet and lifestyle goals, and answer questions. I use this time to educate you about your body so you understand why the changes I recommend are necessary.

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Personalized Diet and Supplement Recommendations

Food is medicine! Food provides information to your genes. Your choices matter!

I will help you maximize the foods that your unique body needs. We will work together to make positive additions (versus restrictions) and “crowd out” the bad with the good. Customizable meal plans are available as a subscription service. For more information, click HERE.

Nutritional supplements are often needed as a temporary treatment or part of a health maintenance plan. Supplements are an effective way to provide higher doses of nutrients that may be necessary to balance any imbalances / deficiencies, or support organ systems and metabolic pathways that are lacking nutrients needed to work optimally. Supplements can also make up for what we are unable to get from our diet due to diet restrictions or personal diet and lifestyle choices.


I only recommend supplements from suppliers that maintain the highest standards of purity and effectiveness. I do not recommend using mass produced supplements made of synthetic nutrients and unnecessary ingredients such as fillers and flow agents. High quality supplements are available for purchase in-office or through the online dispensary, Fullscript.  My clients receive a 10% discount on initial orders and refills placed through Fullscript.

Lifestyle Change

Our bodies are doing their best to help us thrive in the environment in which we are asking it to live. If you don’t like what your body is doing, change your choices! I will help you identify what you need to maximize, minimize and prioritize to get your lifestyle aligned with your health goals. I will also give you the support you need to sustain these new choices.

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