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Detox 360 Integrative Detox System:

Today, we are exposed to more environmental toxins than any other time in history. The air we breathe, chemicals in our food, water, houses (textiles and cleaning products), workplace, and the various products we put on our bodies, all contribute to our toxin exposure. 

Our bodies’ detoxification organs (liver, kidneys, lymph, lungs, intestines and skin) are equipped to neutralize toxins by either clearing them or storing them. However, our ability to neutralize and excrete these toxins varies. Genetics, stress levels, dietary issues, lifestyle choices, nutritional deficiencies, and level of toxin exposure affect the body’s ability to clear toxins. The best defense is to support our body through diet and lifestyle changes that reduce our toxin exposure and increase toxin excretion.



The Detox 360 program has been designed by healthcare and nutrition experts to address these issues in a coordinated, multifaceted approach to detoxification. Detox 360 provides dietary and lifestyle recommendations, along with nutritional formulas to support the immune, filtering, cleansing, and metabolic systems of the body. The program helps anchor health-supporting habits, so that dietary adjustments can be easy to follow.

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This 4 week program includes:

  • A manual with easy-to-use food guides, daily journals, detailed sources of toxicity, detox mechanisms, and clear explanations of how to complete each week’s regimen.

  • Meal plans with recipes and food selection guides, emphasizing whole foods and eliminating known problematic foods.

  • Targeted nutrition supplements to stimulate and support the body’s detoxification organs.

  • Lifestyle recommendations that support detox and reduce toxin exposure.

  • Weekly check-in meetings with Jody Tabura, RD to discuss challenges, celebrate successful change and review next steps.


Detox 360 programs are offered several times a year in a group setting.

Weekly meetings are held locally in Vacaville, CA

Morning or evening meetings are available. 


  • Functional Medicine Health Coaching

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